• 6 English lined writing copies (A11) – 88 pages
  • 2 squared maths copies (C3)
  • A4 Scrapbook
  • 2 B2 handwriting copie1
  • 1 A4 plastic folder with zip
  • 1 paper A4 envelope folder
  • 3 pencils (blue groove slim lyra)
  • Homework Journal
  • Pencils, rubber, ruler, sharpener
  • 2 Glue sticks (Pritt or similar)

Rental books will be handed out by the teacher during the school year.

Second Class 2020/21 – Ms Cahill & Ms Ruddy –


Irish Edition Oxford School Dictionary (Edco) – will be used until the end of 6th class
Starlight Combined Reader 2nd Class


Planet Maths 2nd Class (Folens)
Master your Maths 2 (CJ Fallon)


Abair Liom D (Rang a 2) (Folens)


Small World 2nd Class (CJ Fallon)


Grow in Love – 2nd Class


(due in full by 30/09/20. Can be paid online or in cash)

Please make sure your child’s name is written clearly on the outside of each textbook. Please also have your child’s name on all other belongings such as lunch box, uniform jumper, etc. Thank you.

If your child has an special requirements/situation that the teacher should be aware of, please send a note to that effect for the teacher’s attention at the beginning of the new school year.