National Tree Day

National tree day was on October 6th 2016. We went to Derrycarne Woods. We got off the bus at the entrance to the forest. There we met our tour guide, Pat. Pat works for Coillte. We walked through the woods and stopped often to learn about the trees. Each time we stopped some of us picked up some of the interesting leaves.

We learned about ever green and deciduous trees. Some trees in Derrycarne were oak, beech, ash, pine, alder and yew. Pat told us that the yew tree is poisonous and was often found in graveyards in the old days.

That day we had a lot of exercise, we were red in the faces. We were allowed to bring the leaves and seeds back to school. We had great fun in Derrycarne. When we got back to school we put the leaves on the table and we drew them. My favourite drawing was Rihard’s.

Thomas C.