Celebrating St. Brigids Day

On February 1st we celebrated Saint Brigid. We learned that she was born near Faughert in County Louth. Her father was an Irish chieftain and her mother Brocessa was a slave in her father’s dún. Like her mother, Brigid too became a slave. She worked daily on her father’s farm, minding sheep, herding cattle and making butter.

She was very kind hearted and generous and often gave food to the poor people who called to her father’s dún. Her father was often furious with her. He decided to sell her to his friend, the King of Leinster. We heard of how she gave away her father’s best sword to a beggar as she waited in the chariot. When the King heard of her kindness, he granted her her freedom.

Many young men wanted to marry Brigid, but she refused them all. She wanted to devote her whole life to God and doing God’s will. We heard some legends about Brigid – how she persuaded the King to give her land to build her first convent in Kildare (Cill Dara), the story of the pet fox and how the tradition of making St Brigid’s crosses from rushes began.

We all tried to make our own crosses, some of us found it difficult and some of us did very well !!